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Officials take first steps to open shooting range near Cameo

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Bench installed to discourage random shooting; spring dedication planned By Gary Harmon

CVA Helps to Create a Shooting Complex in Colorado

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Officials take first steps to open shooting range near Cameo _ GJSentinel

Static, Dynamic, and Inter-active Ranges

Static, Dynamic, and Inter-active Ranges

Over the last 15 years, the cost of shooting range construction has escalated beyond the r

Baffles, Berms, and Backstops

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Pursuant to prior range industry paper on this subject, one specifically by my good friend

Surface Danger Zone and No Blue Sky Concept

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The concept of the Surface Danger Zone (SDZ) comes from WWI when troops were sent in the f

Black Powder Shooting Ranges

Colonial Williamsburg Foundation retained CVA to provide a period correct “Musket Shooting Range” Design that incorporate details to meet industry standard and safety features. The Musket Range is one of the area’s first-ever musket ranges. Colonial Williamsburg is looking at the shooting facility as a way to increase tourism by touting the musket firing range both as an engaging historical guest attraction and as a method for a more hands on approach when teaching visitor’s about 18th century America.

The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation relied on CVA’s design for obtaining permitting and performing the construction of the musket range to teach more visitors about the heritage attraction. The range premiered on March 2016 and will offering its guest an opportunity to experience history. The guests will be able to learn about and fire two historical flintlocks, the Brown Bess musket and a Fowling Piece.

For more information about the Colonial Williamsburg Musket Range experience follow the link provided.


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