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Officials take first steps to open shooting range near Cameo

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Bench installed to discourage random shooting; spring dedication planned By Gary Harmon

CVA Helps to Create a Shooting Complex in Colorado

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Officials take first steps to open shooting range near Cameo _ GJSentinel

Black Powder Shooting Ranges

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Colonial Williamsburg Foundation retained CVA to provide a period correct "Musket Shooting

Static, Dynamic, and Inter-active Ranges

Static, Dynamic, and Inter-active Ranges

Over the last 15 years, the cost of shooting range construction has escalated beyond the r

Baffles, Berms, and Backstops

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Pursuant to prior range industry paper on this subject, one specifically by my good friend

Q. One of our DNR State Parks has an area we are discussing for building a Sporting Clays Course on. What are the specific issues with having the shot fall zone on a Flood Plain vs. Flood Way? The area is prone to flooding but not very often. I think in talking with NSSF years ago we were told you cannot drop lead shot into the floodplain or floodway? Please advise.


Flood plain floodways are synonymous for purpose of this discussion. The prohibition is “no shot fall on waters of the United States or wetlands without a permit”. Floodway are not jurisdictional with respect to water ways on wetlands restrictions and can and could be used for Parks and Recreational purposes if areas are subject to periodic flooding, they will eventually dry out, can later be reused for those purposes when dry.

Shooting ranges are an acceptable use of flood plains. You however cannot fill in the floodways or flood plain without compensating for the cross sectional flow area in situ and flood volume. Make sure the lead can be managed to be recycled and as in any other location.

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